Monday, August 1, 2011

Project: receive antenna for 2200 meters or 137KHz

I've been eyeing off the 2200 meter band for some time. One of the reasons that I decided to sit the Advanced theory exam instead of the Standard theory exam. Then I would be access to a lot more bands, especially 30 meres and 2200 meters =)

There has been plenty of discussion on the lofexp and 600m yahoo groups recently about getting new folks in the door to experiment in the band.

The following is one of the articles recommened; A Receiving Loop for Long Waves: Cancelling Out Unwanted Noise Sources.

I wonder about the JFET, its a BF245C. After some searching on the net I am still unsure what a suitable replacement would be. Possibly a J201 or a MPF102? I have some J310's and some MPF102's, I think I will just build a version for a plug-able transistor and go from there.

Maybe later I can modify it for 80 meters as published in AR by VK5TR...?


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