Monday, April 30, 2012

AHARS Kit update

So, last December when I started posting kits for the club, AHARS, I really did not know how many kits we would likely sell. Sure we had a rough idea from the previous club that shipped the VK5JST AERIAL ANALYSER, but as the more kits shipped, we expected the numbers to drop away.

Well I can only say, it isn't so. Today we hit a bit of a milestone. As I left the post office today it slowly dawned on me, "I just posted kit number 100!".

From the email response the feedback has been pretty good. Most people have been pretty happy with the completeness and quality of the kit. Sure we've had a few small hiccups, but we had them sorted pretty quickly. Our suppliers have been wonderful. Our kit packager, Wolf, has been wonderful. The AHARS committee has been nothing but supportive, helping out where ever they can in their busy lives.

So, we have a basic benchmark of twenty kits posted per month. In a years time, hopefully we will continue to see the VK5JST Aerial Analyser ship in similar numbers. This time next year I would hope we have a few more kits to offer too. Time will tell.

So one thing on my to do list, is to finish my Aerial Analyse kit before Winter ;)

73, Kim VK5FJ

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kim.
    Fantastic service!
    Paid by paypal on May 10th, got your shipping notice on May 12th and the kit arrived in the UK at 10am May 18th!
    Totally unbelievable!
    Many Thanks

    Dale (Slim) Haines G4IPZ