Saturday, July 14, 2012

FJ45 /m ... nearly

/m means "mobile". Well its nearly mobile. I'm nearly finished painting the panels. Honest. Actually after I just cut this rust out...

The last couple of weekends have seen a few hours work each day on the FJ45. I've uncovered some more serious rust. However it will not be too hard to resolve. The fenders and other panels are 1mm steel sheet. I was given some advice "they are 1mm and solid enough and you can stick weld the panels easily." Well I gave it a go. Perhaps the rods I was using were wet or something, but it was a whole lot more difficult that I was expecting. Or I am just out of practice... Either way, I will cut out my repair and try again with a mig or oxy welder down at Lyns place. Just need to find some more 1mm steel and fold it up to the right shape.

In the mean time, you can see the 2 meter band antenna I've put on the front bar. There was an antenna mount there already, it just needed a little convincing with a file to accept the SO239 for the antenna base.

In the future I think I will acquire a pair of spring bases for the front bar and weld on a pair of antenna mounts, both on the left side.

I'm just waiting for my toes to defrost before I head out to do more work on the 45 =D

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