Sunday, May 27, 2018

The RPM200 is coming

Morning all,

Well, I bit the bullet and borrowed a car for this event. Put the Kenwood D710 in the car and currently have my 2 meter band half wave over half wave vertical on a mag base. This antenna is rubbish on 70cm, I imagine the pattern is all over the place, but it gets out just fine on 2 meters. I have had some long haul APRS packets

I like the Forrester more than I expected and can see one in my future. Have spent a little too much time looking at lift kits and A/T tires ;) The Forrester has roof racks and I need to hunt for some of those antenna mounts that bolt up to the Rhino racks.

No idea how I would mount up a HF tuner and antenna to the back of it yet. Perhaps a tube frame rear bar with swing away tire mount like you find on ladder frame four wheel drives? In the mean time, I will install a couple of other radios; a UHF CB and a commercial high band VHF radio licensed especially for the event. Photos soon ...

73, Kim VK5FJ

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